Do you take into account different allergies or dietary restrictions?
No, all bags are identical which is how we can offer this product at such a competitive price. We will send you the recipes a few days in advance, and since all meals are put together with fresh ingredients, it’s easy to exclude or replace those particular products you can’t eat. We can accommodate dairy free, gluten free, or pork free to some extent so please let us know if you have a special request.

Do you have a vegetarian or Kosher option?
We do offer a vegetarian menu along side our regular menu. They are completely separate menus with 4 original recipes each.

We currently don’t have the recourses to provide a Kosher menu.

How many people are the recipes catered for?
We base the recipes on 4 adults. Smaller households can use the leftovers for lunch-boxes or to freeze for future use. It could also be recommended to choose bi-weekly subscriptions. A bigger household will have the chance to supplement the ingredients since they will receive the recipes a few days in advance.

Who creates the recipes?
The recipes are typically based on tried and true classics that have been modernized or simplified by our own expert, Chef Sarah. Our collective experience in the travel and hospitality industries provides us with a vast pool of inspired meals. It is however our job as moms that brings all of this effort into focus. We know how chaotic the dinner hour can get in a busy household.

How much of your food is organic?
We try to include many organic products in each delivery, however our focus is also on seasonal and locally produced produce and groceries.

What is included in a delivery?
You will receive two grocery bags each week, containing fresh produce and other groceries needed to complete the accompanying recipes for four dinners.

How much does a weekly delivery cost?
The price for a 4-dinner grocery bag is $125. This includes planning, purchasing, selection, packing, and home delivery of food for 4 dinners for 4-5 people.

Is everything delivered?
No, you need to have some basic ingredients at home. Please see the complete list under “What to have at home”.

Where do you deliver?
Check here to see if we deliver to your neighborhood.

If you want us to add your area, let us know and we can discuss what the options are in order to do so.

If I sign up today, when can I receive my first delivery?
If you sign up before a Thursday, you can receive your first delivery the following week or choose a delivery date within the next three weeks.

What if my delivery Monday falls on a public holiday?
We will deliver on Martin Luther King Day, President’s Day, Columbus Day, and Veteran’s Day.
On the following holidays your delivery will be made on the Tuesday in the same week: Patriot’s Day, Memorial Day, and Labor Day.
We won’t be doing deliveries during the week of Thanksgiving or the last week of December.

When do I know what’s planned for the week?
You will receive an email on Thursday nights with the menu for the upcoming week, including a list of the ingredients that you need to have at home.

Can I have my grocery bag delivered to a different address then the home address?
Since this is a subscription service, we want you to have the same delivery address each time. It could be either to your home, office or to a nice neighbor.

What if I am not at home at the time of delivery?
If you are not at home we will leave the grocery bag according to your specifications; on your porch, in a cooler, or in the vestibule.

How do you keep the produce fresh if it’s really hot or cold outside at time of delivery?
We make sure the food is kept fresh and at the right temperature during delivery, and it is then up to you to leave a cooler with ice packs outside for us if you are not at home to receive the delivery. Please mark the cooler Sara’s Supper Club.

Do I have to make a commitment to a minimum amount of deliveries?
No, Sara’s Supper Club does not ask for a long-term commitment, and you can cancel or change your subscription frequency at any time.

Is there a sign-up cost?
No. You pay for your first delivery when signing up, and will thereafter be charged for future deliveries on the day of delivery.

What do I do if I need to pause my subscription, or cancel a single delivery?
Log into your account from our website where you can make changes up until the Thursday before your scheduled delivery.

What if I want to change my subscription from bi-weekly to weekly deliveries?
Log into your account from our website where you can make changes up until the Thursday before your scheduled delivery.

Can I give a gift card of Sara’s Supperclub to my friend or relative?
Absolutely! Please contact us at info@sarasupperclub.com and we will help you with your request.

What kind of payments do you accept?
We accept credit card payments from VISA, MasterCard, American Express.

When do you bill me for my delivery?
Your credit card will be automatically charged on the day of delivery, and you will receive an email receipt once your payment has processed. Please note that it can take 1-3 business days for the charge to show up on your personal statement.

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