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Sara’s Supper Club is now closed. If you are interested in a meal kit delivery service, please visit Just Add Cooking to subscribe!

What’s for dinner?……….. Sara plans, shops and delivers; all you do is cook!



Menu planning
It’s hard to find time to plan, shop and cook during the week, and it’s easy to get stuck preparing the few dishes you know best. With us you will be cooking different dinners every night, without the stress of meal planning or shopping, and with the knowledge that you and your family will be eating well-balanced meals.

Each weekly delivery includes 4 recipes and ingredients for 4 dinners for a family of 4-5 people. The fourth recipe often incorporates some leftovers in order to limit cooking time for one night. The recipes are easy to follow, family-friendly, and the total preparation and cooking time should be between 15-45 minutes for each dinner.

Each week you will receive grocery bags with the freshest produce and ingredients, selected and packed for you at Whole Foods Market. We try to include many organic products, however our focus is also on seasonal and locally produced produce and groceries.

Deliveries are made on Sunday or Monday afternoons between 2 pm and 6pm. You can choose between weekly or bi-weekly deliveries.

You don’t have to be home to receive a delivery. We can leave the grocery bag where you specify (mailroom, lobby, or back porch), and appreciate if you leave a cooler out for us to place the most perishable items in.

More than only convenience
You and your family will be inspired to eat a fresh and healthy home-cooked dinner each weeknight. It’s a chance for you to further develop your cooking-skills, to increase the variety of your cooking-repertoire, to control your weekly spending, and to cut down on wasted food.

Involve your children
We also believe in involving your children in the kitchen. They will learn about food, enjoy eating what they helped prepare, and develop healthy habits for life.

Check here to see if we deliver to your area.

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